Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What Teens Are Reading 2

Back at the beginning of Summer Reading I posted some of the first books that our teens were reading and logging. I turned around and it's almost August now! So here is a selection of titles that have been logged since then - great recommendations!


Thursday, June 25, 2020

What Teens Are Reading!

It's our first week of Summer Reading at RML and our awesome teen readers are giving us a glimpse of what they are reading. Check out these great titles, place a hold or explore what is available on e-book!


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Teen Simply Summer Reading 2020

With RML currently open only to curbside pickup and families facing an unusual year, we want your summer to be as easy as possible while still keeping our teen patrons reading and connected. Our Simply Summer Reading Program lets teens be involved as much or as little as they like!

Our 8-week Simply Summer Reading Program runs fromSaturday, June 20 through Friday, August 14.

It is open to students entering Grades 7-12 in the fall.

Each week our website will feature some fun, optional activities, virtual programs and challenges. In addition, teens are asked to fill out a simple Google Form for each book they read this summer. There will be drawings throughout the summer for some fun prizes. 

While it is not necessary to have a library card to participate, now is a great time to get one to access RML’s online databases and e-books, and to place holds on materials for Library2Go pickup.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Teen Volunteers

Every few weeks I get a message from a local teen who is interested in volunteering at the library. So if that is you and you have found your way here, I have great news!
We have a Teen Advisory Board - and you can be part of it! How, you ask? Follow the steps below!


TAB Registration - stop in RML on Friday, Sept. 13, 2019 from 3-5pm to fill out a registration form!

1. Get hold of me, Ms. Eileen
You can usually find me at RML on Wednesdays and Fridays
You can call me at 860-295-6210
You can email me at

2. Fill out our TAB (Teen Advisory Board) form at the Circ desk. This will give me your email so I can contact you with dates and events and things (and get parental approval all and that)

3. Come volunteer! I periodically send out emails so you know when we need help. Our TAB volunteers have helped at book sales, our children's after-school programs, special events like Monster Mini Golf, and just by coming in to do odd jobs.

Here are some pics of our TAB volunteers in action:

Helping with library displays

Helping with after-school programs
Fun at teen events
Helping at special events

This one cracks me up. When they found out there is going to be a movie made based on the Scary Stories series, they had to go find the books and reminisce about their childhood nightmares.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Book Review: If I Stay

(Book review from our TAB member Matylda! My apologies, she wrote this early in the summer)

I recently finished Gayle Forman’s “If I Stay” at approximately 11:45 p.m. last night. Needless to say, it was a good book. I have not seen the movie or read the sequel (though I plan to do the latter,) but I thought I might review it anyway. I do not plan to see the movie because it was a very emotional book, and while reading it is one thing, seeing it on a screen with real people is another. I would not recommend this book to everyone, simply because it is just too emotional. There are also some slightly gory/graphic scenes. The book was set up so for one “chapter”, the main character narrated the present, while for the next she had a flashback, which made me feel more connected to her and also helped me understand the people around her and her connection to them.
There were, however, a few things I found odd. For example, Mia, the main character, did not have her name revealed until page 24, and for no reason in particular. And I know this is a minor annoyance, but in my 20% off edition purchased from Target, it ended on page 234 and then had about 70 pages of “great bonus matter from Gayle Forman”. In the beginning, the dialogue was also pretty dull. And I was unsure what decade the story was set in, though I am sure a more experienced reader than I could have deduced it. Aside from that, the story is beautiful with complicated and realistic characters that you fall in love with and is absolutely beautifully written. I mean that sincerely. I found myself reading sections three times over to absorb it more. Gayle Forman’s voice and description is absolutely stunning. I will definitely read “Where She Went” the first chance I get.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book Review - The Magicians

(I've asked some teens from our TAB group to write posts or reviews if they want, so here is our first from Matylda! Opinions expressed belong solely to the writer of the review. In this case, the Richmond Library has this book, the Magicians, in the Adult fiction section. - Ms. Eileen)

Dear Fellow Readers,
The book reviews and recommendations you will see you may strongly agree or disagree with, but that’s okay. The world is meant to have opinions. Reading fanatics like myself should always keep an open mind, and who knows, may find something good or something to avoid.
The reason for that introductory paragraph is that I am about to give a book that many people like, a 1/5 star rating. This book is "The Magicians” by Lev Grossman. Not the whole trilogy, just the first book. Two words: Total. Rip-off. This book is basically jerk Harry Potter goes to college-Hogwarts in Narnia. Grossman ripped off our beloved Harry and Hermione – named Alice and Quentin, who were characters that I just came to hate. They had no motives, no pure intentions, and no struggle for something good or something better. They were just selfish teenagers. And most of the characters were, I might add, accustomed to get drunk, smoke, and take drugs. This author doesn’t seem to get the whole thing that when the reader falls in love with the characters and can relate to them, it’s a good book.
Another thing that drove me crazy was that this school, this college-Hogwarts called Brakebills, only accepted people who were geniuses. But the characters in this book never did things that were smart. They were told they were smart, and the author told you they were smart, but they never did anything to implicitly display their intelligence. In “Harry Potter”, Hermione is an actual genius. She figures everything out before everyone else, she always knows the answer in class, and she can get out of sticky situations with her quick and clever thinking. But if Quentin and Alice are smart, how come they never do anything to show us that? Though I know a lot of you might like “The Magicians”, my advice is to stay away from it at all costs.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Teen Advisory Board

We had a great turnout for the first meeting of our new Teen Advisory Board! Thanks to those who
came to the meeting. The next meeting will be:

Friday, October 23 @ 4:30pm at RML

If you're interested in volunteering, please come to the meeting and fill out an application.