Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Teen Volunteers Needed!

Every few weeks I get a message from a local teen who is interested in volunteering at the library. So if that is you and you have found your way here, I have great news!
We have a Teen Advisory Board - and you can be part of it! How, you ask? Follow the steps below!


1. Get hold of me, Ms. Eileen
You can usually find me at RML on Wednesdays and Fridays
You can call me at 860-295-6210
You can email me at

2. Fill out our TAB (Teen Advisory Board) form at the Circ desk. This will give me your email so I can contact you with dates and events and things (and get parental approval all and that)

3. Come volunteer! I periodically send out emails so you know when we need help. Our TAB volunteers have helped at book sales, our children's after-school programs, special events like Monster Mini Golf, and just by coming in to do odd jobs.

Here are some pics of our TAB volunteers in action:

Helping with library displays

Helping with after-school programs
Fun at teen events
Helping at special events

This one cracks me up. When they found out there is going to be a movie made based on the Scary Stories series, they had to go find the books and reminisce about their childhood nightmares.