Thursday, November 13, 2014

A $500 Prize, wow!

I'm so excited to tell you about how one of our great Teen patrons won $500 for the Library! Read on...
In honor of YALSA’s Teen Read Week™, held every October, author Donna Labermeier sponsored a contest for 6th – 12th graders to win money for themselves and their Library. Marlborough resident Sophie Caplan, age 13, entered the contest and won third prize in her category! The contest had something for every talent and interest – whether you liked acting, writing, public speaking, art, film‐making, music and more. Sophie made a book trailer based on the author’s first book, The Healers. Here is a link to her video on YouTube: 
YouTube Book Trailer

In addition to winning $500 for herself, Sophie won $500 for the Richmond Library. The Library also received the second book in the author’s Healers Trilogy. The money will be put toward Teen materials and/or programs. Thanks to Sophie for being so creative and for thinking of us! 

More on the Healers book:
"They live in separate countries and don't know each other, but three teenage heroes share an astounding destiny: they were born to heal the world...They are “The Healers”.
With the guidance of an old master named Agostino, the three teenagers embark on separate missions around the globe to vanquish the planet's darkest forces. Koemi saves people from self‐destruction. Harata thwarts would‐be terrorists. Eleanor helps others grow their natural psychic abilities. Individually, The Healers are powerful agents of good. Working together as a group, who knows what unimaginable energy might be unleashed?!
The question is, what drives the villainous Venceslao, who is on a mission to capture the three Healers and others like them, then harness their talents for his own malevolent purposes? It will be up to The Healers to find a way to stop this deadly adversary in time to save all of humankind from utter annihilation."

From the author:
In Donna's own words, she says, "I sincerely hope that my readers will come away from these books with the realization that they have more power than they ever dreamed possible.”